Our Founder

“Not long ago, I was standing in a weave shed at an old family mill in France near the Belgian border while my friend Thierry told me, with tears in his eyes, that he represents the 5th generation of his family to run the linen mill, but that his son would not be taking his place.
This is happening everywhere in Europe and the United States. Traditional mills and the culture that surrounded them for generations are disappearing, along with the jobs, the know-how, and unique textiles they produced. What we are preserving is the culture and texture of the textile community.”
– Jason Asch, Founder


Jason began working at Diamond Foam and Fabric in 1981 as a summer job, and he quickly fell in love with the atmosphere of the store, the environment, and the smells in the air. His plans shifted from going to law school to instead learning about the fabrics. He has described this transformation as “finding something out about yourself: finding a thing you didn’t know you were attracted to.” As Jason’s knowledge of fabrics grew, he became more selective about the fabrics he stocked.

While other stores were stocking printed fabrics, Diamond Foam and Fabric stocked woven fabrics. Word of mouth spread that Jason and his store were stocking unique fabrics. Since then, Diamond Foam and Fabric has grown into the tradition-filled high-quality textile vendor it is today.

The innovation of the loomed fabric world inspires our passion for the business. Our founder, Jason, often travels to Europe, to the source of these fabrics, where these old looms reside to discover what the weavers are doing. It’s like being on a treasure hunt: it’s truly an adventure.

That sense of adventure is what drives our passion. Jason is driven to find people who are creative: the people who are modifying their looms to create innovations.

At Diamond Foam & Fabric, we are trying to foster a culture of innovators, and that discovery of ingenuity and passion is what inspires us.