Re-upholster me, please. I’m begging you.

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This is a nice chair (or will be, hopefully) that I found at the Eastern Market flea market in DC for $60! It has sat in its present state for an embarrassingly long time, AND survived a move to Santa Barbara. My friend took me to Diamond Foam and Fabric in LA, and I found a super cool large stripe pattern that I thought would fit the mid-century vibe, yet wouldn’t make me feel like I was visiting the Brady Bunch set.

I measured the chair, and After I wrote down the measurements, I re-read them and wondered, “Why do I have so many ‘seat back’ dimensions?!” It’s difficult to label things in a way that quickly makes sense, so I made a sketch and put the measurements there. I could have done this with a photo, but I learned to draw in grad school, and it was expensive, so I need to prove it was a good investment.

Next up, I will find out how many yards of fabric and the price per yd. I’m hoping the fabric is wide enough to cover the whole front of the chair, horizontally. And I want the arm fabric to line up with the seat fabric stripe. I’m kind of a novice on fabrics, I’ve only had things shipped to upholsterers for clients and they’ve done it all without us discussing technical details, so I’m eager to learn more about it.

Image Image


I’m done, and I’m beautiful.


The chair is done! I absolutely love the way it turned out. The stripes are modern and crisp, and really appropriate for so many interiors. We put it in our bedroom, obviously. I used the owl pillow because I liked how the colors looked. I’ve received some feedback on it…either you love it or you hate it. But that’s the beauty of a funky accessory, you can move it somewhere else if you get tired of it. Or your husband can’t stand it staring at him.


from John H.

"Yes I have been faced with trying to find that perfect piece of foam, and I am happy to say that Diamond foam and fabric has everything and anything for your foam and fabric needs. PLUS, and here is the important part, a sales staff who are helpful and knowledgable. Knowledgable about foam! Who woulda thunk."

--John H.