store Versaille


Credited with luring many cloistered L.A. Westsiders, Diamond Foam & Fabric is renowned for providing one-stop shopping for do-it-yourselfers, professional designers and entertainment industry set decorators seeking to do a home, a movie set or a hotel (parts of the legendary Chateau Marmont Hotel in Hollywood were re- upholstered in Diamond Fabrics). Selections, customer service, and exceptional value are the pillars of which Jason Asch has built his business. Classic Motown blasts through the four adjoining buildings that make up the stores as determined shoppers snip swatch after swatch from the floor to ceiling bolts with scissors that Asch provides. “We can lose maybe 30 pairs in a month” he says, “but scissors are a way of personalizing what we do.
The store is packed with customers and merchandise. Industry executives say he sells more yards of fabric than many of his big-time retail and wholesale competitors. One reason is because he doesn’t take a high mark-up, says Asch. Asch buys fabric from nearly every major decorative resource in the world, except for China. He has an opinion about everyone and everything fabric, or Hollywood-related. Just ask. In the same breath, he’ll tell you whose line looks good or bad and what companies are having delivery problems. It’s all part of his charm which his vendors and customers love.